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The Supreme Clean

The Supreme Clean

Customer Reviews


Everything about the vacuum is simple and easy to use. Charges quickly and easy to clean. I keep it underneath my front seat and have used it every other day. It's also great for small jobs around the house.


These make really great cleaning cloths for autos. I bought mine to wipe down my Cadillac after I come out of the automatic car wash. They are super absorbent and they don’t leave any lint behind. They’re durable, don’t rip or tear easily, and they wash up nicely in the washer. They didn’t cost a whole lot, making them a great value for the money!


This is terrific. I bought it for my office and I’ll fill it with frozen fruit in the mornigg by, let it thaw a bit throughout the day before blending it into a smoothie. It doesn’t like frozen fruit, the blades are very small but semi frozen fruit is safe. I loved having a daily smoothie of my own making.


I try to eat a cucumber every day for fiber, H2O and vitamins. It's an easy way for me to increase my veggies. I don't have knife skills so this chopper allows me to slice a cucumber in 15 seconds. It's safer than my old mandolin slicer and easy to clean. It is my favorite new kitchen gadget and I use it every day.